Saturday, November 16, 2013

11/16/13 -- Day 16

The gravel in your gut, the spit in your eye KR

I shoot all my photos the day before I have to post. So far, haven't missed a day, but yesterday I damn near did. It was one of those days, super busy, tough to make compositions during my normal day. I nearly didn't make a photo, and shot this late at night after work, just before the day ended. I honestly feel like I'm mailing it in a bit with this... but such is life. Bear with me, embarking on a big photo project this afternoon. Tomorrow should be way better!
A glimpse into the behind the scenes making of our family Christmas card  LK
Busted [HCH]
Sparklers. AM


  1. Kris, this explains why you always have a killer shot by, like, noon. Cause I've been rubbing my temples and wondering, how on Earth does he do that?

  2. Ha, yeah. I decided to do that before we got started, simply because if I didn't, I would be posting each night at midnight. Or, I might have just been posting a day behind... which is why it makes sense to shoot one day and have the whole day, and post the next. My first composition was made Halloween night, the day before the first.

  3. Also: so much for diversity. I looked back at all the posts so far, and my images are still just people, people people. Ugh. Can't teach an old dog...

    1. Is that such a bad thing though? I remember you said early on that your goal to expand what you shoot, but I'm curious where that comes from. I feel like the best reason to depart from what clearly lights you up is when there's something *else* you feel you need to show - something you may see but struggle to translate. Because diversity for its own sake is kind of poop. Who cares. You ever see one of those guys' websites that has a million disparate categories, like: portraits, nature, cars, weddings, product, food, architecture. Do we think, wow, that guy can do it all! Or is it more like, yeah sure, but who is this guy and why should we care? The only thing we care about is what lights *you* up, because when we look at that it really comes across. You actually can't buy consistency (though damn I wish you could). You have it naturally - don't take that gift for granted. Now if you are lit up by something that you're not showing us... let's talk.

    2. Heather, you are a great support group. Thanks for the positivity.

      I am lit up by some things that I'm not showing you all... I like good landscapes and cityscapes, and I enjoy nice architectural photography. The problem with me and those subjects is that they require a high amount of dedication. I don't think landscapes, cityscapes, and architectural images can't be made well without perfect light. Getting said perfect light means heading out at very specific times with the express intent of capturing the images when everything is... well, perfect. Not only am I pretty poor about scheduling my time and allowing time for photography, I'm also just not as dedicated as good landscape photographers are. I end up just shooting images from daily goings-on and observations throughout my daily encounters.

      I suppose what I'm trying to say is I wish I had the imagination and forethought to go out with intent to get specific images, much like what Andrew and Lora (and I think you as well, right?) are doing.

    3. Andrew, Lora - you guys wanna shed some light on your methods?

  4. Andrew, DIG! Viva freaky night shots!