Friday, November 29, 2013

11/29/13 is Black Friday they say, is the root of all evil today KR

Do a favor to all of the people working today (and to your community, country, world, and the human race) and show your lack of support for mindless consumption by not buying anything all day on 11/29. That anyone is required to work on Thanksgiving or any other holiday, and that people are trampled to death at Wal-Marts around the U.S. on the day following Thanksgiving (all for the possibility of buying a bigger TV at a low low price) is a perfect example of why you should boycott spending for a few days in November. Your purchasing power is the only real voice you have, unfortunately. Say something worthwhile with your voice.

That's my first and last political hammer in this project. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 
Baby it's cold outside   LK
Busted. AM
come on up [HCH]

welcoming committee (and friends) [HCH]

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  1. Andrew Moore, you kill me. This shot made my day.